Shelter News - August 2015


This little girl was brought in by the owner.

She was about a month old. She had eaten something that poisoned her. Dr.Raja gave her a subcutaneous injection of an antidote. He also included the antidote in an i.v. that delivered a saline solution, an anti-biotic, a diuretic, and neurobion (for vitamins).

She pulled through and was released to her owner.

For some reason my Heart is totally open to pigs.

5BDon't know if she'll make it.

5CShe did!

5DGood for her little stomach.

Om Namah Shivaya...A toast…In my tradition…”To life”.

Shelter Statistics

as of 12/2016
Rescues 4,150
Dogs Sterilized 6,520
Anti-Rabies Injections 12,961
Clinic Visits 38,786
In-Patient Treatments 108,042
Non-Dogs Treated 3,418
Animal Adoptions 908