Shelter Description

Though our roots are firmly in being a sanctuary and rescue shelter, we have evolved into a center for healing. In dealing with the many creatures who now come to us, in addition to allopathic treatment, we use homeopathy, ayurveda, massage, acupressure, Reiki, Bach Flower remedies, and others.

All our in-house creatures get a very powerful ayurvedic immune system booster twice day which has virtually eliminated contagious "wipe-outs".

There are two main buildings. One houses a semi-sterile operating theatre, a modern clinic examination/treatment room, a small isolation ward, a small dispensary, a reception veranda, and a large retaining cage.

The other building is 48x18 feet and has three large retaining cages - each 17 by 11 feet and a fully equipped kitchen where the "furry ones" meals are prepared by our dear cook.


We did, in fact, transform a rubbish heap. The ground is now covered with grass and dotted with plants and trees. It's really quite beautiful. There are three coconut leaf huts which offer protection against the rain, heat, and sun and provide "hiding spaces" for our dogs who want to be alone for a while.

And, of course, much open space where they can run around, romp, and play. The puppies have two separate areas - one for older puppies and one for younger ones that is more contained and protected where they too can play or rest and be more closely watched. School children painted the walls in their own inimitable way (looking so colorful).

Our TLC caregivers provide love and care to the puppies, and to give additional support and affection to "resident" animals who are disabled or old. The staff is working very hard to keep the place spotlessly clean and hygienic. They, however, know that the main thing is for them to care for and give love to the animals.


If an animal is distressed - emotionally or physically - they drop everything and immediately go to it. If two of the dogs get into a conflict, they immediately go to them, break it up, and inject soothing loving, vibes. They also have more than enough time to play with the dogs, and give them special attention.

When one enters the shelter, though there is much suffering, you can immediately feel the spaciousness and joy. Our resident animals are not kept in retaining cages but run around freely. It's a real experience to see disabled dogs that are happy, and playful. It gladdens the Hearts of animal lovers.

longshot3Our sanctuary is located in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, S. India - Chengham Road opposite the Government Art College