Shelter News - February 2016


Blessings from our beloved Shelter

   Z3 Trust!  Z4They simply love him.  
   Z7 Da' East End New York gang.  Z6 Our beloved doctors.  
   Z5 I thought we got more chairs for people.  Z8Nothing too grand for a Duchess.  

The regeneration of young, forlorn Swetha

We got a young Dalmatian girl in a few months ago. Think she's a little over a year. Had been an "owner" dog but was simply abandoned when they left. Vishwa got reports of her for several weeks and finally caught her. 

She was scared and confused. The family probably had children whom she loved. They just dumped her. And left. She lost everything that was dear to her. Without any understanding it was just GONE.

The beauty of it is how quickly she bounced back. She is absolutely joyful, and bounds around wrestling and chasing. She adores supervisor Raja....I named her Beauty. But someone else named her Swetha, which is what stuck.

Swetha babe, you're a joy to watch.


She plays so hard, she drinks enough for a camel to make a desert crossing.

We got a call from someone that had found a home for her in Nilgiri, which is about seven hours away by car. It's a beautiful area. It was with an elderly woman who loved Dalmatians and had one whose partner had recently died. She had a lot of land and a caretaker who really liked dogs. Swetha would have been outside on the land most of the day. Clearly, she would have been taken care of beautifully. But I told this woman that I felt Swetha needed a home type setting, children, and a lot of active loving...And that her situation, tho' she would be taken care of beautifully, wouldn't provide the essence of what Swetha’s super-affectionate nature needed.

Vishwa has found a good home for her locally. She, in a sense, wouldn't be given as much "care". But they have two boys, four and eight, who are over the top at the prospect of getting her. They've been to the Shelter several times...the father and the boys...and it's a good match.

Om Namah Shivaya, dear Swetha…We will miss your joyful presence…Thank you for your blessings…Love,Us

Fortunate one rescued from a deep well

This is an older rescue. We have many. Some with good videos. Selected this one because the photos are excellent and really tell the story.

Vishwa is our Director of Operations. I sometimes call him the Martian because an earthling couldn’t do all the things that he does. His Heart is boundless. His devotion, the purest. And his energy, fathomless. There is no fear in this man. If it’s there he goes beyond it and you can’t see it from the outside. I could imagine him approaching a wounded lion to help it, without protection. He always gets his dog. He never fails. We’ve seen him chase down suffering dogs for miles for hours. Until they collapse. Then he gets them. It’s a real experience to see him in action.

This young dog had been in the well for almost three days before we heard of him. For the first two days he howled. Calling for help. But then he gave up in despair. Resigned to his fate.

We can only theorize how he survived. We think the farmers had been pumping water for irrigation and the water level in the well had been falling. And somehow he managed to scramble onto that tiny ledge, which is probably the only reason he didn’t drown…However, with the water level dropping, the ledge became high and dry so he could no longer get water to drink.

In the first photo he doesn’t yet know that Vishwa is coming down for him. 

2AIt's a long way down.

In the second photo, one can only imagine what he’s feeling when he spots Vishwa.

   2BO' please...Help!.  2B1Got him.  
   2C2Thank God.  2C1Almost there.  
   2D2They're both exhausted.  2E2One drink before Freedom!.  

O’ Dear One…How glad we were to reach you in time…May you be protected and guided…May all good things come to you…With love, The Arunachala Gang

Baby monkey rescued near big Shiva Temple

Vishwa went out on the call. A three month old baby monkey was lying on the ground. It was near the big Shiva Temple. He was very weak, and Vishwa was able to simply pick him up and bring him in.

Dr. Raja said he only had a mild head injury. Still, the speed of his recovery is impressive.

You can see how weak the little guy is in these two shots.

M I don't feel very well.

I'm just so, so tired.

The video of his release only one week later shows how quickly he recovered.


Well, little guy, we didn’t get to know you very well…Blessings to you…We are always here for you…And remember your sweetness with love.

The incredible magic of Feeding

Last month I talked about the joy and life in the Voiceless Ones as they Played and romped. The unrepressed joy of the disabled ones as they joined in. The Heart warmth one got from watching them. Truly amazing that they have such “alive”, lives.

But it’s in the Feeding that each time I’m present, I see the unfolding of a miracle. These are all pups or homeless dogs who have dealt with who knows what injustices and cruelties in their lives. And certainly, many have dealt with hunger. It amazes me to see all of them fed together, almost all hungry, with such stunningly few conflicts. One would expect a riot…Open warfare…Greed…Territoriality…Fear of being deprived.

It’s the deep trusting…The security of getting theirs…Of their relationship with each other…Of letting others get theirs before them…Of the surety that the Staff, the ones who look after them, who care for them, who express love…will give them theirs……..I don’t really know…These are fragments thrown in the direction of the complexity that’s manifesting in this miracle…The miracle of them overcoming their primal survival instincts. Of not pushing and fighting to get their food…It’s the definitive assertion that they feel …Safe…Cared for…And loved…

Be aware in some of the videos you can see that the strongest are not pushing forward to take their food first.

I have never, never seen anything like this…It’s the energy…The quietness…The Grace…

This first video is of an uneventful feeding. Nothing extraordinary. At least, seems ordinary, unless you keep in mind what would happen if you tried to feed only five dogs all together…All of whom were hungry…And all didn’t get their food at the same time.

An uneventful feeding. Bless them.

In this second video PureHeart Sekar is feeding some Furry Ones with the puppies watching on the other side of the divider. Supervisor Raja picks up an extra bowl and puts it down for the pups. Then one pup, over enthusiastic, wants it all to himself. Raja picks him up and plops him in with the Big Guys…He does fine. But my guess is that he’d fight off Godzilla to have the bowl to himself.

One pup is really enthusiastic.

This is a shot in the Garden area…All Big Guys…No pups…No disabled…Our Staff is simply terrific at the feeding. It wouldn’t happen as it does if they weren’t very, very present and aware.

The Garden Guys.

 I’ve included this video because it shows this clearly disabled guy moving in to get his food. Which he gets without having to push or fight. And that when he gets it no one tries to move in to take it from him. But he’s left to eat in peace.

Really touching.

This is a shot of a guy who apparently doesn’t like crowds and lays back to wait for his food…Which he then eats in peace…Can picture him going into a restaurant and saying to the Maitre d’, “Table for one, please.”

Table for one, please.

And this one is our beloved, Mira…Quotes from the November 2014 newsletter:

  • Mani found Mira lying on the side of the road near the Shelter. The poor baby was only four years old. She was post-distemper. Twitching. Unable to open her mouth. Starving. And near death. She was an “owner dog” who had probably been abandoned. Lying there. Alone. Having lost everything. Weak. Not understanding. Frightened.
  • Now this sweet girl moves around with the others. Is affectionate and has friends.
  • But she is so fierce around food and milk if any of the other guys get near her bowl…that we now feed her in the closet with the door closed.
  • In the video, before her “closet period”, you can see her taking control of three bowls…Dear, dear Mira

Beloved Mira. She'd control all bowls, if she could.

 These three videos are just miscellaneous snippets…Mani feeding a puppy with an injured back…Three pups off by themselves eating alone…And one pup, for whatever reason, dining separately..

Dear Mani.



Om Namah Shivaya…Joy to the World…Thank you dear Beloveds…Thank you, God.

A young pet duck (not named Donald) with a broken leg

There’s something sweet about Dr. Muni treating the young duck as his “owner” holds him.

It was a simple break. He was just treated and released.

5A5Hey guys, I know you're helping but this is a bit much. 

Can I go, soon?

May you have a full life, Young One…May you get much love and caring…It felt very good to help you…May all beings benefit…Love, Us

An eagle is an eagle is an eagle

This fellow had a severe electric shock. He was in very bad shape when they brought him in.

A day later I asked one of the Staff how he was doing. They said he wasn’t eating, well…”What are you feeding him?”…. “Rice, veggies, and cheese?”…”Are you crazy?. He’s an intense carnivore.”…And so the diet was immediately changed.

We had him in a 3x 3 x 4 foot cage. Need I tell you that he was very, very unhappy.

We were able to release him within a week. Because of his majesty and that he was so unhappy we tried after four days. But it was a bit too soon. These first three photos are of Sekar unsuccessfully trying to “free him”. But he was still too weak to fly.

4A4Okay Big Guy, see if you can make it. 4B4Well, maybe in a few more days. 4C4 Come Big Fellow. We'll try again, soon.

Several days later they took him out in the cage. I told them to get good videos. But once they opened the gate, it all happened so quickly that the first shot they got was a photo of him in the distance….C'est la vie…

4D4Thought I asked you guys to get a good video.

Freedom. Freedom. Freedom…Thank you for blessing us with your majesty…May you be protected, guided, and live in unbounded joy…Om Namah Shivaya…With love, From  the Staff, and the rest of us who were graced by your presence.

Poisoned furry one that “made it”

By the time the owner got him here the poisoned pup was pretty far gone.

Poor babe is pretty far gone.

Dr. Raja gave him an i.v. with an antidote, anti-biotic, Neurobion (multi-vitamins), mega doses of vitamin C, and a sedative. His owner gave him love and caring.

In the second video you can see that he’s responding and his chances are good.

It looks like he has a good chance.

In the third…He’s made it across. Yes!!! He was still too weak to release…and his young body needed a little more time to clear. So Dr. Raja kept him for two days.

He's made it back!!.

In this last video, at the beginning, you see the joy erupting from him in the pen when first he sees his owner, who then carries him out. His owner is a little bit uncomfortable at being video taped…and I suspect that Dr. Raja is playing “film director” and telling him to do this and that….Well, I guess Dr. Raja is entitled.

Two days, later. Going home!

Om Namah Shivaya...Be careful what you eat little guy...We love you...And such a blessing that you made it...We’re always here for you...From, “Da Gang”

Leslie feeding the dogs buiscuits outside the Shelter.

Leslie has 4,000 of these biscuits specially made every month. It’s a private thing, not connected with the Shelter. They’re about 5 inches across. He always has about sixty in his backpack wherever he goes. There’s not much nutrition in them. But they’re hard and crunchy. And the dogs love to chew them and hear the sound. If he comes upon a furry one that looks hungry, he has a stash of Pedigree to give him.

He’s been doing this for six years. That’s 300,000 biscuits. He said that it’s good for the dogs just to get the stroke of affection and kindness. And it’s good for people to see him being kind to the dogs. It helps change the way they relate to them.

People every once in a while ask for a biscuit. He tells them they’re only for dogs. If he starts giving it to one person, within a week hundreds will be asking. And it would bankrupt him.

Biscuits for the guys.


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Shelter Statistics

as of 03/2022
Rescues 8,094
Dogs Sterilized 8,687
Anti-Rabies Injections 20,309
Clinic Visits 78,559
In-Patient Treatments 214,595
Non-Dogs Treated 9,058
Animal Adoptions 1,447