The story of Puppy-Mama

puppymama rd thumbPuppy-mama (named in the Shelter) was a street dog who came to the Shelter in the first week of January after being hit by either a motor cycle or rickshaw. The Shelter was alerted by a caring lady who noticed the dog and her six puppies lying by the side of the road. She was unable to move. The lady kept and is caring for five of her puppies but the runt of the litter, who was very weak, came to the Shelter with her mum.

X-rays were taken and it was found that Puppy-mama's back was broken, she was paralysed and in severe pain. Her spinal cord, however, was in tact. She was given painkillers and received spinal injections of anti-inflammatory medication and multivitamins to boost her nervous system.

puppymama2 rd thumbAfter one week, Dr Raja commenced massaging her spine and slowly, day by day, there seemed to be an improvement in her condition and demeanour. Then, two days ago, it was noticed that Puppy-mama was standing and walking!!

The ending of the story for this sweet girl is a happy one ... in a few weeks she will be returned to her territory with her now happy and healthy puppy and continue to live life as an Indian street dog.