Ranjeet Maharaj

Ranjeet, is an awkward, gangly “teenager” in the dog world. He has yet to grow into his long legs, large paws and oversized ears. He limped with a injured leg into Sivani’s house with open sores, fleas and smelling with mange. He had been heavily abused on the street … no-one wanted him.

He sensed a kind stranger in Sivani and immediately lay down on one of her cushions and slept and slept.

DSC 1056Sivani took him into the Shelter where Dr Raja treated him with medication and the staff gave him a special bath for his skin condition. After 4 days, Sivani picked him up and it seems he has found his new home. He has adoped Sivani! He is now called Ranjeet Maharaj. Here he is enjoying some snuggling time with Leslie!