Rescue of Radha and her four puppies

Someone came to the Shelter and reported that a dog had been badly hacked with a large knife. She was located 3km away.

Vishua and Pondi headed off and eventually found her. The chase lasted 15 mins. Vishua and Pondi are fast but she outran them until finally she headed for a wooded spot where her four baby puppies were hidden.

Radha 4As soon as they caught her, they quickly and gently tied her mouth and began stroking and reassuring her. Vishua stayed with her and the puppies in the back of the car on the way back to the Shelter. She relaxed into Vishua's reassurances ... her puppies snuggling up to her.

radha 10

The wound was grievous. It looked like it had been inflicted by one of those curved butcher knives. It went in at an angle on top of her back and penetrated deep, fortunately stopping just short of the spine. If it had penetrated another quarter of an inch, she would have been paralysed. It was an ugly, large wound.

radha 12

radha 14Amazingly, she surrendered into Dr Raja's care. She was so relaxed as he started working on the wound. He gave her a general painkiller, shaved around the wound and cleaned it with a saline solution. He then suited up for surgery.

radha 19

radha 20The wonderful Dr Raja cleaned the wound with an anti-biotic, stitched the muscles that had been severed and then the outer layer of skin.


radha 22radha 24Radha was then taken to a special area in Intensive Care where her puppies were waiting for her.

radha 25radha 26Dear, sweet Radha!