This guy's name was Ramu. His territory was around the big Shiva temple in town. I was riding by one day and spotted him. I called Vishwa. It is amazing how Vishwa is able to catch dogs and reassure them so quickly. The energy coming from his heart is like a blast from a large furnace!

Clearly Ramu was in really bad shape. He had a skin condition called Mange which is mites under the skin, and another fungal skin condition which is more difficult to treat. He also had some bacterial infections that were bloody. That poor guy really must have gone through it.

We kept him over two months. He was joyous when Vishwa released him into his territory. He was well loved by the people with the local business stands. It was almost unbelievable for them. They showered him with love and affection.



Ramu--before treatment 3 Ramu--before treatment 7                                              
Ramu--after treatment Ramu--after treatment 2