We named this little guy Snuffy. He was found on the streets of Chennai. Alone. Uncomprehending. Frightened. Hungry. With a terrible skin condition. He was about 1 1/2 months when we got him. He had been taken in by a lady that you'd love. She has a cat shelter. And a massive Heart which sometimes does her in--Sound familiar? She was taking him to a Chennai vet that wasn't making much headway with the skin condition. And poor Snuffy was very sad. She asked if we'd take him as a special favor. And so he was sent to us in A CAR. That makes him a 3500 rupee puppy!

Snuffy before 1 Snuffy before 2

This first video shows Leslie holding him and he's not really responding to his snuggling and kisses. He hadn't yet recovered from the loss of his mother and his "survival days" on the Chennai streets.



This second video is a different story! A lot of his coat has come in. His heart is re-opening. And he's snuggling back!