Shelter News - August 2015


Pooja. Gentle, good natured Pooja. Blind at birth.

This is an older story. She was young. Half Dalmatian. Medium size. Slender. The “owner” first brought her to us in the clinic when she was a month old. She’d been blind at birth. Dr. Raja examined her. She couldn’t be helped.

Some months later a small boy found her at the side of the road. So weak she could barely stand. And very frightened. The people who “owned her” had thrown her out.

We put her in the pre-op room off the veranda. To keep her in the room we put a 2 ½ foot high board across the gate leading to the veranda. Two or three young puppies were placed with her so that she’d have company and could snuggle when she slept. As with most of the dogs in these stories, she was showered with affection. And there she stayed for over a month. Her strength and confidence slowly built, and she came to know where all the objects were. She’d race in really tight circles without going anywhere. I thought she did it because that way she wouldn’t run into anything. Dr. Raja thought it was an emotional problem. Who really knows? (Just thought of a great animal psychic in Mount Shasta California who would actually know).


And then we unblocked the gate leading to the veranda. It took her a week to start putting her paw outside the door, but quickly pulling it back. For her…anything could be out there. A chasm? An endless field?...One day she stepped onto the veranda, and then quickly back. After some time she was wandering around amongst the other dogs and puppies. They were harsh with her at the beginning as she walked into them or stepped on their head while they were resting. But then they started realizing that something was wrong and that she simply couldn’t help it.

12B.Are ya_sleepingAre ya' sleeping?

12CWith m'daddy

She was very joyful for the short time she was with us. She ran around bumping into everyone. Kissing. Sniffing. Sometimes moving back when another dog irritated and barked at her. Sometimes she'd bark back. She was very happy. Occasionally a little hyper. She was a real sweetheart. Sometimes I'd put her on my lap. And gently stroke and hug her. She loved it.                                                  

Dear, sweet Pooja died a year later of kidney failure.

We loved you Sweet Girl...You blessed us with innocense and love...We remember you with warmth in our Hearts...From everyone here...Dear Pooja.



Sorry again guys. We were just very involved in a cattle rescue which many of you know about. Updating the stats is very time consuming. We will try for the next newsletter.

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