Shelter News - August 2015


The life and times of precious Jimmy

He lived on the streets of Chennai. A BIG city. His territory was a heavily trafficked business area.

                                                                     Jimmy's Chennai home.

He survived as a puppy probably because he had a good mom that taught and protected her precious son. People liked him. Many had great affection for him. He was special. Not clingy. Not needy. In his own strong, quiet way, though… open, loving, and accepting. He had a good life along with, of course, some of the more difficult things homeless dogs have to deal with. But his days were engaging, probably filled with affection and activity. And most of all…He was free.

And so he was on the Planet for eleven years when we heard of him.

Ghurhu, our dear, dear Ghurhu called from Chennai. Told us about an old street dog that was virtually blind and living right next to very busy main streets.  Said he wouldn’t last much longer. He appealed to us to take him. And so…Our relationship with Jimmy begins.

A lady brought him in a car at a cost of 3500 rupees that Ghuru paid (probably a third of his monthly salary). We asked her to stay a few hours when they arrived. Jimmy wasn’t afraid. He knew well the lady who brought him. But, still, it was his first time in a car. 5 ½ hours. And the Shelter was a very strange place to him. I mean he had been free and survived having a pretty good life for 11 years in his Chennai territory. But old age had now imposed its unavoidable restrictions. (Leslie is especially sympathetic. He later told him, “Us old guys have to stick together”).

Dr.Raja examined him. Blind in one eye. Could hardly see out of the other. A case of mange as can be seen in the photos. But otherwise in good health. That is, for an old guy.

Vishwa and Supervisor Raja were able to start establishing the beginning of a relationship while the lady was still here. But when the lady left, poor Jimmy was helpless. Had never experienced anything like this. Feeling abandoned, deeply hurt and not understanding he got very, very sad.

                                                       O' dear, dear Jimmy...It will be alright.

For a week we had him in retaining cage 2 (17’ x 12’) with several other handpicked sweet dogs that Vishwa put with him. And tho’ he got a lot of attention, he simply grieved. And there was nothing we could do to mitigate what he had to go thru.

After a week we put him on the veranda so he’d have more freedom. And perhaps form a few relationships with some of the other dogs or puppies. But he was very solitary. (Remember, too, as he walks around he can barely see). However he did respond to affection and attention from the Staff. Not overwhelmingly. But respond, nonetheless. He came to adore Sekar. Sekar with the “cow eyes” and Pure Heart. Who wouldn’t respond to Sekar?

3COn the Veranda.

3DSettling into the veranda.

                                                       A few weeks later with his beloved Sekar.                                                           

But the place where he was headed, after a few weeks on the veranda, was the garden. The garden with a vast amount of room and places to go. And all sorts of choices.

Vishwa tells me he went around solitary with a pretty high status. No one messed with him. It’s not naked strength that gave him the status. But more a vibration. And “kingliness”. Vishwa also tells me that after a while he wasn’t totally solitary. He formed a relationship with two other dogs. They sometimes lay close to him. And sometimes they’d sleep together.

                                                                         In the garden.

Nothing could replace the life of freedom he’d had in Chennai. But it was doable. And there was a sweetness. And safety…In this new life.

A little prayer I said for him about this time: ( So dear Jimmy. A prayer that you’ll get happier and happier being with us. It’s not as good as the freedom you used to have. But babe, it’s old age. And it can still be good…Love from all of us. And we’re very happy to have you here.)

At some point, perhaps a half-year ago I saw that his “upness” was fading. I was told that he didn’t move around as much. And was depressed a lot. We had an animal communicator visit who told us that his hips were sometimes paining from arthritis and that he liked resting and sleeping on something soft…So Dr.Raja started giving him special med for the arthritis along with painkillers…and we prepared a cushy mattress for him. And that helped his state.

In this most recent period his energy started visibly waning.

A number of months passed and I hadn’t seen him. But I was briefed that Jimmy was in the final stretch and didn’t move around a lot. I got the report that he was sliding into solid depression. And then the report came that he wasn’t eating and had been getting i.v.’s. I told Dr.Raja not to do anything heroic to prolong his life. That his time was simply approaching.

3GHe's fading.

3H                                                        With Ramesh in what we thought was                                                                                                                                        his last lap. 

Then a month ago I saw him. He was on Sugana’s lap who was sitting in a chair. I was almost shocked. He’d lost half his body weight.

But miracle of miracles. That very day they had just found out that he loved vanilla ice cream. He just gobbled it up. While he was on Sugana’s lap they brought a quart out to show me.

                                                                              Ice cream!!!.

And so we’re now stocked up with vanilla ice cream. He loves it. And in this last lap of life, it’s so excellent that he’s given this thing which pulls him outside of himself. Out of the depression. He’s eating a lot of ice cream…And has started eating a little food. And he has started wandering around more. Often with his little tail wagging....

                                                                        Ice cream!!!.

                                                                    Ice cream!. Ice cream!.

                                              It's been s-o-o-o long since his precious tail wagged.

Blessings. Blessings. Blessings, dear Jimmy...It’s been so nice to have you with us...Thank you for being You...And thank you for the Shakti you gave us...Love, Us

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