Shelter News - December 2014


This little one didn't make it.

young monkeyPlacing the IVThis sweetie was only three months old. A girl. She was brought in semi-conscious in a state of severe shock. She had been hit by a car. No external injuries. All internal.

Dr.Raja immediately gave her a steroid for the shock. Then an I.V. with a painkiller, neurobion for nutrition, and a medication to stop the internal bleeding.

She was on the examination table for only fifteen minutes. The two compassionate young men who brought her in were standing nearby, watching.

She was semi-conscious throughout. Got Dr. Raja’s reassuring, loving care. Gently stroked and kissed. Mantras said softly in her ear.








Slowly she faded. At some point Dr. Raja started massaging her heart to restart respiration. Unsuccessful. He then took a needle to an acupuncture point on the nose to restart respiration.

Our little girl was gone.

She was then dressed lovingly for burial---cum cum, sacred ash, flowers, and two photos of Ramana Maharshi that had been through a sacred puja at the ashram.








She was put on the Tibetan Buddhist Red Tara prayer list. Before dawn, each day for 49 days, protective and guiding energy will be sent to her soul…Red Tara is the Tibetan Buddhist Goddess of Compassion.

Safe, safe journey, sweet girl.

Shelter Statistics

as of 12/2018
Rescues 5,809
Dogs Sterilized 7,430
Anti-Rabies Injections 16,079
Clinic Visits 51,845
In-Patient Treatments 136,416
Non-Dogs Treated 5,049
Animal Adoptions 1,140