Shelter News - December 2014


Mother frantic. Baby trapped in well.

A nearby shopkeeper called the Shelter. Vishwa went out. The water in the well was completely covered with trash. It looks like a solid bottom. But it’s not. Actually deep water. The mother was almost hysterical. The baby again and again tried to make it up the side.

4A. Mom. Almost hysterical. RESCUE B Mky in well rescue 1-ed 4B. Baby. Cant get out. RESCUE B Mky in well rescue 2 4C. Keeps moving away from Vishwa. RESCUE B Mky in well rescue 3
 Mom. Almost hysterical.  Baby. Can't get out. Keeps moving away from Vishua

Vishwa descended on a rope. But the baby kept moving away from him.








Then he gave the order to lower a bucket on a rope. Yes. Yes. Yes. The video tells the story.








May all beings benefit.
May all move towards compassionate understanding.
May all be blessed with wisdom.

Shelter Statistics

as of 12/2018
Rescues 5,809
Dogs Sterilized 7,430
Anti-Rabies Injections 16,079
Clinic Visits 51,845
In-Patient Treatments 136,416
Non-Dogs Treated 5,049
Animal Adoptions 1,140