Shelter News - December 2015


Puppy with life-threatening intestinal condition

This little guy had what’s called an intestinal prolapse. He was only three months old and was in a lot of pain when he came in. Dr. Raja gave him pain killer and anti-biotic injections right away.

It had happened suddenly. The owner and another fellow brought him 50 km. on a motor scooter so that Dr. Raja would be the one to treat him.

The condition was life threatening. In three or four days he would have died if not treated. And the operation was a dangerous one that lasted two hours. Dear Dr. Raja kept him a week, treating him post op with i.v.’s having pain killers, anti-biotics, and nutrition.

This first video was taken when he first came in. He’s in pain. And scared.

Poor baby.

Dr. Raja operated the next day. The photo below is post op, and he’s unhappy. His owner’s not there. Outside the purview of the photo, though, “pure Heart” supervisor Raja gave him a lot of cuddling and love.

18B18Where's my daddy?

This last video was taken a week later. His owner is getting instructions from Dr. Raja. And I think he knows he’s going home.

I'm going home!

Om Namah Shivaya sweetie pie...Your owner loves you...Everyone is so happy that you made it...With love, Us.

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