Shelter News - February 2016


Fortunate one rescued from a deep well

This is an older rescue. We have many. Some with good videos. Selected this one because the photos are excellent and really tell the story.

Vishwa is our Director of Operations. I sometimes call him the Martian because an earthling couldn’t do all the things that he does. His Heart is boundless. His devotion, the purest. And his energy, fathomless. There is no fear in this man. If it’s there he goes beyond it and you can’t see it from the outside. I could imagine him approaching a wounded lion to help it, without protection. He always gets his dog. He never fails. We’ve seen him chase down suffering dogs for miles for hours. Until they collapse. Then he gets them. It’s a real experience to see him in action.

This young dog had been in the well for almost three days before we heard of him. For the first two days he howled. Calling for help. But then he gave up in despair. Resigned to his fate.

We can only theorize how he survived. We think the farmers had been pumping water for irrigation and the water level in the well had been falling. And somehow he managed to scramble onto that tiny ledge, which is probably the only reason he didn’t drown…However, with the water level dropping, the ledge became high and dry so he could no longer get water to drink.

In the first photo he doesn’t yet know that Vishwa is coming down for him. 

2AIt's a long way down.

In the second photo, one can only imagine what he’s feeling when he spots Vishwa.

   2BO' please...Help!.  2B1Got him.  
   2C2Thank God.  2C1Almost there.  
   2D2They're both exhausted.  2E2One drink before Freedom!.  

O’ Dear One…How glad we were to reach you in time…May you be protected and guided…May all good things come to you…With love, The Arunachala Gang

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