Shelter News - February 2017


This guy, amazingly, swallowed an entire rope.

He is a young fellow, only a year old. Lives in a local ashram. Fortunately, they had two sadhus bring him in shortly after it happened. Otherwise, it would have been life threatening. 

The first photo is of the two sadhus who brought him. The video shows the rope coming out of his anus. Dr. Raja tried removing it and realized it was pretty far in.

 1 TwoTwo sadhus.

It actually doesn't look that big.

Dr. Raja had to go in thru the belly. It was not a simple operation. It took three hours. And until he actually removed it he did not know just how long it really was. (For those of you sensitive to blood, you might skip the first video…It’s not super gory, but just in case you’re sensitive.)



Post op.

Wah…Poor, baby. Thank God they got him to us early. 

He was a real sweetheart. He stayed with us three days. Made a number of Furry Friends and loved supervisor Raja. Unfortunately, we don’t have any videos during his convalescence….But you would have loved him. 

The ashram people picked him up. He was very, very happy to see them. 

Well Young One... We were so glad we could help... And loved having you with us... Next time there’s a long “stringy thing”, don’t eat it unless it’s spaghetti... Love, from the “Shelter Gang”.

Shelter Statistics

as of 12/2018
Rescues 5,809
Dogs Sterilized 7,430
Anti-Rabies Injections 16,079
Clinic Visits 51,845
In-Patient Treatments 136,416
Non-Dogs Treated 5,049
Animal Adoptions 1,140