Shelter News - May 2015


Not one well rescue…but two

Why two? On one, the video is of spectacularly poor quality. On the other, no video coverage. Both are engaging. Either could have stood alone. But….

19A. Prakash Prakash... A long way downThe first is with Prakash. A lot of water in the well. Don’t know how the dog got stranded. There might be a path part way down that we can’t see. Don’t think he could have survived a fall the full distance. The poor guy was stuck down there for several days before word got to us. Prakash came down the path on the far side and swam to him. Then back. Kanagaraj was waiting. Took him up the path. Brushed him down a little with his hands. You can see how happy he is to be free as he trots off. You can hear Dr. Raja whistling to call him back….Forget it!


                                                                                Swimming the Channel

The second is with Vishwa. We call him the Martian because an Earthling couldn’t do what he does. Vishwa had gotten word after the poor guy had been trapped for two days. It was a dramatic rescue. Deep well. He went down the rope that you see going down the side. It would have been amazing to see him coming back. Two ropes side by side were used. Vishwa on one. The furry one on the other. They went up side by side. Vishwa guiding him. I mean he’s not exactly a little puppy. When they got to the top. Vishwa put him on his side and gently massaged him for a while. Gave him some food….Then we have the final shot as he’s heading back to his life of freedom. Someone might be watching over him and helping. He was pretty nourished and healthy.

 19C12Vishwa the Martian 19D             A little tenderness. A little              nourishment.   
                                                     19E. FreedomFreedom!

Blessings Dear Ones. May your paths be good ones. May you have good lives. May you progress nicely….Blessings. Blessings. Blessings, again. From Da’ Guys at the Shelter.

Shelter Statistics

as of 03/2022
Rescues 8,094
Dogs Sterilized 8,687
Anti-Rabies Injections 20,309
Clinic Visits 78,559
In-Patient Treatments 214,595
Non-Dogs Treated 9,058
Animal Adoptions 1,447