Shelter News - May 2015


This poor guy was probably in a fight

He was about ten years old. Across the field from the Shelter. Dr.Raja, supervisor Raja, and Pandi went out.

He probably got hurt in a fight. His intestines were hanging out. It was an awful wound. Dr.Raja  later said he was in a lot of pain. He was on top of a six foot wall when they got there. It can be a problem to catch a ten year old, wounded male monkey. They first had to establish a relationship with him.

 34 -m






                                                            Establishing a relationship        

Dr. Raja gave him two injections before catching him. First a sedative. Then anesthesia because he was going to need emergency surgery. He had lost a lot of blood. And his condition was life threatening.                                                     

                                                  Already sedated, now injecting the anesthesia                                                                                               


                                *** Catching him ***                                             

                                                                        Come, old guy 

                                                                        To the shelter 

34-6 Healing_touch_of_Dr.Raja Healing touch of Dr.Raja

 He was given painkillers and anti-biotics right away. An i.v. during the operation that lasted 1 ½ hours. Dr. Raja stitched five layers of skin and muscle. He was critical for four days then moved solidly into life. The wound was so gruesome, none of us expected him to live. But live he did. Convalesced for two weeks—good food, love--he bonded with Sekar and supervisor Raja. Then he was set free.


                                                                                                The next to last video in the cage is just before he was released. The last, just after his release. (We didn’t get a good video of his release). You can hear Vishwa saying, “Have a nice time. Enjoy.”

                                                                   Healed. Ready to go 


Bless you Dear One... May you be blessed, guided, and protected... Om Namah Shivaya.

Shelter Statistics

as of 12/2018
Rescues 5,809
Dogs Sterilized 7,430
Anti-Rabies Injections 16,079
Clinic Visits 51,845
In-Patient Treatments 136,416
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Animal Adoptions 1,140