Shelter News - October 2015


This is our miscellaneous pup section

Many of the videos and photos speak for themselves.

This little one was hit by a two wheeler and lost her paw. Dr.Raja was able to mask the pain with a strong painkiller that she got right away. Clearly, she’s unhappy. He gave her, in addition, anti-biotics, and vitamins. Poor baby…But she’ll be fine and will probably be adopted. If not, she’ll have a good life with us.

I'm scared.

Do you really think I'll get better?

This little guy, too, was hit by a two wheeler. Two breaks. You can’t tell by the “troubled look”, but he’s doing fine and has a lot of puppy friends. He’ll recover completely.

7B3 They_said_Ill_be_okayThey said I'll be okay!

And yet, another healing break. Two wheeler again. They can be deadly. Some drivers just go too fast to avoid a hapless pup “doing his thing”.

7C _Two_more_weeks_yetTwo more weeks, yet!

Mani helping a little one eat.

Thanks, Mani.

And this guy had a broken back and was paralyzed…Love…Non-inflammatory injected into the spine…Massage…Vitamins…Chants…Real “caring”…And more love…He’s just started walking around—exploring, making friends, and getting reassuring affection as he wanders.

                                                             Walking is so much fun.

Here’s another little one that was paralyzed with a broken back…Two wheeler…He’s in the early stages of enjoying “walking”.

It's slippery!

Thanks for the company, guys.

Om Namah Shivaya, Little Ones...We’re all sending you protective energy...May you have blessed lives.


Shelter Statistics

as of 03/2022
Rescues 8,094
Dogs Sterilized 8,687
Anti-Rabies Injections 20,309
Clinic Visits 78,559
In-Patient Treatments 214,595
Non-Dogs Treated 9,058
Animal Adoptions 1,447