Shelter News - October 2015


This is a very moving story of the regeneration of a guy seriously hurt.

It’s an older story written a while back. Came across it working on the newsletter. No photos. But it’s a real Heart tale. And wanted to share it with you.

Jansy was six months old when she was hit by a vehicle. In the country. Think it was a two-wheeler. Poor baby really took a hit. In the head. She was unconscious when her owner brought her in. Dr. Raja didn’t think she was going to make it. She was in a coma for ten days. Clinging to life. Concussion. Potential nerve damage. Eyeball hanging out. Skull fracture.

In intensive care. We stroked her. Whispered to her. “Come sweet Jansy. Hang on. You’re with very good people. Waiting for you to come back.” Played chants. Got i.v.’s for nutrition. Spinal injection for controlling brain inflammation. Neurobion-vitamins to boost nervous system. Pain killers.

First signs that she might make it. Started moving her head a little. And then moving the body. Slowly. Slowly. She started coming back to us. Several more days and she turned on her stomach. A few more and she sat up. Then she started eating a little. She was comfortable with us and clearly felt safe. After 3 ½ weeks she started trying to stand. Then started taking her first steps after several more days. She was indrawn, but content. We let her walk around in isolation a week. Encouraging her. Stroking and kissing. Then she was ready for the veranda. Resting on one of the straw mattresses. A lot of puppies out there. A lot of snuggling. Warming up. She started responding. Forming some relationships. Walking around. Resting. Playing gently. Going off alone occasionally to just rest in repose…And now…She’s bounding around with the rest. Welcome back dear Jansy.

I’m in the “dispensary” (8 x 8 ft.) as I write. Dr. Raja is on my right working on treatment reports. Twenty pups curled up and just being close. It’s wall to wall pups in here. Jansy is amongst them. One of the furry inert bodies. It’s been several months. She doesn’t know it but she’ll be going home soon. Sweet, sweet Jansy. Be a good girl, Jansy. And be happy.

Note: Just read the story to Uma. She told me that when Jansy was released the owner didn’t pick her up, Vishwa took her home. When she realized where she was she went running around all over the place in sheer joy…and then went bounding up to her owner and jumped into his arms.

Om Namah Shivaya...We remember you dear Jansy...We hope you are well...We hope you are happy...And you blessed us with your presence.

Shelter Statistics

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