Ranjeet Maharaj

Ranjeet, is an awkward, gangly “teenager” in the dog world. He has yet to grow into his long legs, large paws and oversized ears. He limped with a injured leg into Sivani’s house with open sores, fleas and smelling with mange. He had been heavily abused on the street … no-one wanted him.

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The story of Puppy-Mama

puppymama rd thumbPuppy-mama (named in the Shelter) was a street dog who came to the Shelter in the first week of January after being hit by either a motor cycle or rickshaw. The Shelter was alerted by a caring lady who noticed the dog and her six puppies lying by the side of the road. She was unable to move. The lady kept and is caring for five of her puppies but the runt of the litter, who was very weak, came to the Shelter with her mum.

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