Lakshmi the cow

A rescue story of Lakshmi ...

Lakshmi1First she’s a real sweetheart. It’s very clear why God wanted her saved. Many cows butt you if you get too close. She snuggles. And is boundlessly patient while she’s being treated.


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Dear, dear Surya

SuryaThis sweetheart, the spotted one, was with us four days at the time the photo was taken. We kept him in a basket under the sink in the clinic. Chants were playing. Other furry ones would come up. Some snuggle him. An occasional puppy would climb over the side of the basket and cuddle with him. At night one or two would sleep with him. In the photo he's sleeping. It was his last day of paralysis. He'd been hit by a rickshaw and brought to us. His back was broken. He couldn't move the back part of his body, and there was some pain if he was moved too quickly.

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Ten calves rescued from slaughter

The Shelter received a call that 28 calves, illegally bought for slaughter, were being held outside in the sun. No water. No food. Suffering.

We sent Vishwa. Told him to take photos. And to be careful. Not to get aggressive until I got there. In meantime, I called the Vice-Chairman of the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI). Verified the law. (We didn’t have authority to impound. Only the Police Dept. or the Municipality could do it). Asked Dr.Raja to contact a police sub-inspector who supports our work to see if he could be ready to move quickly for us.

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Sweet Hanuman

We called him Sweet Hanuman. Poor baby. Hit by a car. Two months he dragged his body around. Gaping wound. Legs useless. Smelling. Stoned by humans. Rejected by his brethren.

Vishwa got him. A village 30 km away.

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Rescue of Radha and her four puppies

Someone came to the Shelter and reported that a dog had been badly hacked with a large knife. She was located 3km away.

Vishua and Pondi headed off and eventually found her. The chase lasted 15 mins. Vishua and Pondi are fast but she outran them until finally she headed for a wooded spot where her four baby puppies were hidden.

Radha 4As soon as they caught her, they quickly and gently tied her mouth and began stroking and reassuring her. Vishua stayed with her and the puppies in the back of the car on the way back to the Shelter. She relaxed into Vishua's reassurances ... her puppies snuggling up to her.

radha 10

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