Shelter Presentation

Our clinic.

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Loving care is provided non-stop at our incredibly busy clinic where we have 550 to 800 visits each month.

Ramu before.


Skin diseases here are common

and quite curable. This is a really

bad case but check out the after 

photo, next up. 








Ramu after.

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Yes, this is the very same dog a couple months later.

Can you believe it?








Move over dammit.

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Now safe and sound after a harrowing lifetime on the

streets. We'll adopt these pups into good homes and

mom will go back to her old home as soon as she's

ready. Making room for another sweet soul.

Our beloved Lakshmi when she first came in.

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She was hit by a truck and illegally sold for slaughter.

They were on the way to the slaughter house. There was

a James Bond-like chase. We cut them off before they got

there. A crowd gathered around us. Some were hostile…

We bought her…Our beloved Lakshmi was now safe.


Vishwa and Mooji.

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Those who know Mooji know he loves and supports

the work we are doing. 

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