Shelter Presentation

What sweeties.

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Adoptions are a top priority. Vishwa has students going out

100 kms. to find good homes. He then checks. Amazingly,

he has placed over 750 puppies in good homes since we

opened in January 2007. 

Emergencies never stop.

23 thumb2We have 80 to 120 emergencies every month. I'm not talking about the 550 to 800 monthly visits to the clinic. These are serious cases, most of which we go out to rescue-day and night.


Dr. Raja performs his magic.

24 thumb2Dr. Raja lives moments away from the shelter so emergencies get instant action. That's 24/7 and 24 hours a day.


This sweetie pie was only two days old.

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She had a congenital stomach hernia. Dr. Raja repaired

it in a two hour operation. She was released to the owner.

He brought her back for a three day check, then weekly...

See next photo for post-op. 

After...Our sweetie pie is off to a normal life.

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Our beloved Dr. Raja is one of the finest surgeons within

150 kms. He does all the complicated operations for both

the Govt. Vet. Hosp. and the Forest Dept. The best part is

he does them with love.

Amul before.

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We do a great deal of business with monkeys. Love

business, that is. 

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