Shelter Presentation

Amul after.

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I do feel better now but who are all these


Hippo rescue.

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This poor, poor guy,17 yrs old, was kept in captivity in

small tanks for years. isolated from his own species.

They used him in a traveling circus. We were the

“field operatives” for some Chennai activists. It went

to Court. Then, thank God, FREEDOM!

Monkey rescue.

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Stopped Municipality from inhumanely catching monkeys

and relocating them. It was awful. Poor, poor, poor

creatures....Big power fight. Thank God, we won.

Veranda. A gathering of our guys.

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Dogs aren't like us. The disabled ones don't think, “Oh my,

I’m not like the others". They, too, play, wrestle, rest in repose…

and fight, just like the others. And they, too, are happy…

Love is the most powerful.

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This sweetheart was a post-distemper case. A

compassionate soul brought her in from the streets.

Barely able to move. Depressed. Not eating....

This really helped. She started eating. And lived! 

Satya arrived at our Shelter with over 200 maggots.

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She was in heavy pain. Abandoned,

uncomprehending and afraid-she'd

lost everything she had ever known.

Fully depleted, Dr.Raja could see she

had delivered puppies two weeks

before..See the next photo.


Thank God...Satya healed.

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The worst was the awful maggot infested

wound. She would have died a horrible death

within a week. It took a month to bring her

back. Then, she was adopted by a family who

adore her.


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